About Me

Little Blue Plane Website Design is actually me, Helena Boylen. I live in Bedford in the East of England.

I built my first web page during a lunch hour in 1997 using Notepad and some crib sheets on HTML I found on the internet. Tragically, that first page has been lost to history (phew!).

After a brief flirtation with a dreadful WYSIWYG editor that shall remain nameless and a gap of a few years, I returned to building sites “properly” by hand.

I’ve been designing and building websites with an emphasis on web standards since 2003 and Little Blue Plane finally took off in 2004.

Why the name and all the flying references? I’ve always been slightly obsessed with aviation so it was predictable that it would get in there somewhere. It literally popped into my head when I was thinking of a company name and it made me smile.

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